I’m not a member of any political group. My views are not intended to be representative of anyone but myself. The fact that many of my views are shared by others is purely coincidental.


  1. Brian says:

    well done Sean -keep up the good work – I particularly liked the ICTU piece – it sickened me to go there that day and the thought that the traitors in ICTU would claim my support but it heartened me to meet so many that felt the same but felt the need to express their anger in some way. It was very interesting and very sinister what you showed about the stewards on that day – half of them were probably off duty Gardai

    • Seán Ryan says:

      Many thanks Brian.

      I was very tempted not to go to the ICTU demo. I thought that I’d be part of a massive minority. It’s excellent to be wrong sometimes.

      The stewards were something else. They attempted to keep the area in front of the stage dissent free. That didn’t work out too well for them I’m glad to say, there were just too many people who were furious with the union bosses. I found it interesting that RTE and the others downplayed the booing (RTE removed it from what they aired). Nonetheless, there seems to be a fire kindling and the unions are coming apart at the seams. Not bad for a demo that was only conceived as a traffic calming measure!


      • Terence Conway (shelltosea) says:

        Hi Sean, Terence Conway here, my appeal is coming up next Thursday 20 February in Ballina Co. Mayo. Could you phone me please on 0860866264.

  2. Seán, thank you for chatting with me today at the Occupy Dame Street camp site. I do hope that we can stay in touch over the months and years ahead.

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