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The best view of Dublin for a British Royal

This will be a short post as the video says everything that needs to be said.

On Saturday 16th April, Éirígí organised a piece of street theatre outside the GPO. They brought along a guillotine with them and after a rousing speech from Brian Leeson and a trial, where Ursula Ní Shionnain, one of the four activists who had charges struck out in court earlier in the week after occupying the balcony of Anglo Irish Bank last May, acting as the jury foreperson, read out 12 of the multitude of crimes this woman represents, cut the monarch’s head off.

Éirígí intend to hold at least two more events that will highlight that some folks, myself most certainly included, will not be on bended knee to greet the imperialist monarch, should she dare set foot on Irish soil.

Firstly, on May 15th, Éirígí will assemble at the Garden of Remembrance at 3.00pm. They will then proceed inside and occupy it to await the arrival of the monarch, who has astonishingly been invited to visit there on or about the anniversary of the Dublin Monaghan bombings. All those who care are asked to come and support this effort. It is very doubtful that the sycophants of the Irish State will allow this and will most probably have the gardaí/RIC drag them out of there or prevent access in the first place. Either way, it becomes a PR nightmare for the subservient government. Republicans must be turned away from or dragged away from the very place that pays homage to dead republican heroes of yesterday, so that the abomination responsible for these deaths in the first place might lay claim to it. Well done Éirígí! Inspired thinking!

The second event will consist of Éirígí picketing a banquette in her majesty’s alleged honour, most likely to be held at Dublin Castle. It is expected that the scum that facilitated the ruination of this country, will also attend, to gorge themselves yet again at the expense of the poor.

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